About Us

Designing the finest-quality handcrafted ethnic-wear whilst protecting the age-old heritage crafts of India and empowering our country’s artisans. That’s our story.

About Our Founder

Drawn to the radiance of colours and intricacy of patterns from a very young age, Khushboo Kachhava’s love for designing is no secret. Following a successful balancing act as a full-time mother and a part-time designer, she finally pursued her true calling in 2018. With a post-graduation in Engineering, she decided to take the plunge and incorporated the eponymous label. Driven by her insatiable love for India’s heritage crafts and a relentless spirit to bring them to light, she has set forth her journey with no looking back.

Why Kreshivaay?

Your wardrobe defines who you are as a person. Right from the color to the style, every detail reflects a part of your personality. Apart from your clothes, how you accessorize your clothing also tells how simple or extravagant you are as a person. Your style sense is  just like any other art form, where you can express in countless ways. So, it is your responsibility to make every outfit count. Give an edge to your personality by buying incredible EthnicWear from the House of Kreshivaay.